Upcoming Events

Ignite Youth Fellowship will meet again on Sunday August 23rd from 12:30 -3:00pm in the church pavilion. Lunch will be provided and bottled water and lemonade. Please call Emily Radloff for more information.216-288-1966.

Our Saturday Drive-In Outdoor Worship is in the church parking lot at 5pm!  WE RECOMMEND YOU REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE DURING THE SERVICE AND LISTEN TO IT ON YOUR CAR RADIO. IF YOU ARE INCLINED TO GET OUT OF YOUR CAR AND SIT NEAR THE PAVILION, WE ASK THAT YOU ADEQUATELY SOCIAL DISTANCE FROM OTHERS AND THAT YOU WEAR A MASK. There will be a hands free offering box available as you enter or exit the church parking lot.


You may stay in your vehicle or bring a chair and worship outside.

Just a few reminders:

  • To hear from your vehicle, please tune to FM 88.5
  • If possible, please leave a space between you and the next vehicle
  • If worshiping outside your vehicle, please maintain a social distance of 6 feet from the person next to you, unless a family member.
  • Masks are recommended if outside your vehicle
  • Offerings can be placed in the buckets located in the pavilion or in the offering mailbox located on the left side of the driveway as you leave to serve Jesus.
  • The building will not be open.

Parents and Caregivers, be on the lookout for links to online children’s programing from Ms. Nancy and some of our other teachers. Also, watch for Children’s Chat each Sunday during 11am worship!  


If you have had a change of address, telephone number or email we would love to hear from you. We have many outdated phone numbers and emails in our directory. Please, email or call the church office. If you have done this already, THANK YOU!

Beginning Sunday April 26th our 10:00AM Adult Sunday School Class will resume via Zoom Meeting format. They are continuing their study of Kingdom Prayer by Tony Evans. If you would like to be a part of this weekly event, please email the church at fieldsofficemanager@gmail.com or call 440-327-8753
Tuesday and Thursday Bible Studies will continue to meet via Zoom Meeting format, Please contact Pastor Tom or please email the church at fieldsofficemanager@gmail.com or call 440-327-8753 to be sent an invitation to join us. No experience necessary!
Please contact the church office at 440-327-8753 or via email at fieldsofficemanager@gmail.com with questions about any of the events above.