Prayer Partners
September Prayer Focus: “Fear”

Here is a prayer to help you pray for the October focus as you develop your
prayer life.

Dear Heavenly Father, Today we find ourselves living in scary times. When we
pick up the newspaper or turn on the television what we see frightens us. We
hear about the spread of the coronavirus, the shooting of innocent people
including children and the needless attacks on the police. We see the destruction left behind by natural disasters. It is so easy for us to let anger, frustration and fear overshadow our lives. Help us to let go of all those things that keep us in the darkness especially our fears. Lord, we know that there will always be some form of evil in the world. Help us to remember the assurance from your Son Jesus that if we have you in our lives, we will never have to fear anything. We ask this in His name. AMEN.

And here are prayer focus words to help you each week in addition to the prayer

October 1-3 Protection
October 4-10 Peace
October 11-17 Tranquility
October 18-24 Comfort
October 25-31 Love

Prayer requests can be presented in a number of ways:
1. Contacting the church office with your request either by phone/leaving a voicemail at 440-327-
8753, email at, or via the church web page at: .
2. Giving your request directly to Pastor Tom: email or calling him at 330-
3. When we worship together- During the Prayers and Concerns time at each service or in the
offering plate or the prayer request box outside the church office, using the salmon colored
prayer request forms.
4. When we can use our building again- Using the Prayer Partners Prayer Request board in the west
hallway to post your request that a Prayer Partner will pick up and share with our Prayer
Ministry members. The Prayer Partners Request board is available anytime the church is open.