Prayer Partners


The Prayer Partners prayer focus for December 2022 is ‘Christmas’.

Here is a prayer to help you pray for the December 2022 focus as you develop your prayer life.


Dear Heavenly Father:  As we gather with our family and friends in the warmth of our homes, let us remember those who are homeless and those who are alone.  As we open our brightly wrapped presents, let us remember that the greatest gift has already been given in your Son Jesus.  And as we sit around the table enjoying our Christmas meal, let us remember all of those who do not have anything to eat..Lord, this is the season of giving and we give you thanks for all that we have been blessed with.  We pray for all of those who are homeless, alone, hungry and especially for all those who do not know the wonderful gift you have given us through Jesus Christ. Help us to give to all those in need, not just at Christmas but throughout the year. We ask all of this in His name.  AMEN


December 1 – 3 Family

December 4 – 10         Friends

December 11 – 17       Giving

December 18 – 24       Jesus

December 25 – 31       Sharing


Prayer requests can be presented by contacting the church office either by phone (leaving a voicemail), email at, or via the church web page at: .