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A soul-nourishing Profession

“You are the Messiah, Son of the         Living God.”

Matthew 16:16

In just few words Peter declared that his focus was on Jesus, at least for a while. Peter’s discipleship ebbed and flowed to be sure; he offered this grand profession when everything was going well, then when it seemed like this “Jesus thing” was coming apart at the seams he dwelled in a state of denial. Confession is all about re-directing our “profession” from ourselves, the me-isms and I-isms, to Jesus, the “Son of the living God.” The challenge is to have our profession of faith in Christ be enduring especially during times of greatest need. It is interesting to hear what others think of Jesus, and if we are honest in our confession, many times what we may hear hits closer to home than we would care to admit. What Jesus proclaims is fairly obvious; grace, peace, hope, joy, and a life of selfless devotion to God. So what happens when our focus is redirected, when we believe we are in charge and everything becomes “me” focused? What happens when we see Jesus as one with a lot of good things to say but forget just who he is? What happens when we fail to truly love our neighbor, especially those we profoundly disagree with or have hurt us. What happens when we love ourselves more than God, failing to love God with all our mind, strength and soul? The answer to these questions is fairly obvious as well; we stop listening and start demanding; we become not only judge but jury; we build barriers around ourselves so we are not able to hear the opinions or see the challenges of others. But when we truly profess Jesus to be “the Messiah, the Son of the Living God,” we relinquish control and put it where it belongs; in the hands of Jesus. Maybe, just maybe our anxiety and stress level is due to thinking we can live life in a bubble or thinking somehow we will eventually be able to solve every one of our issues on our own. A healthy approach to living a life of joy and peace is to let go of trying to control everything and instead proclaim Jesus as the Son of the Living God! In so doing, our souls are freed from the burden of self-righteousness and will truly see people as children of God. Profession of faith in Jesus Christ as the “Son of the Living God” opens a whole new world that is incredibly freeing, calming, and hope-filled. So, what’s in your soul? God is good, all the!

Pastor Tom

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