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Daily Devotional Day 37

Day 37. Take Time to Be Holy

May 18, 2020

“But the tax collector, standing far off, would not even look up to heaven, but was beating his breast and saying, God be merciful to me, a sinner.” Luke 18:13

Read: Luke 18:1-14

The first car I ever drove was nicknamed “the bomb,” not because of its speed but because it was almost completely rusted through and through. It had bailing wire holding the fenders in place, a grass catcher covering a massive hole in the trunk and this miracle substance called “Bondo” that plugged holes and gaps caused when rust consumed every fender. It was a bomb to be sure. One day just a few years ago I was driving around and saw an old car which was in perfect condition that was the same year and model of the old bomb. It looked so nice, perfect was a better word for it, and a price to go along with its beauty. But as I looked closer, put my hand under the fenders and peered into those areas that were consumed in my old car, I realized it looked good on the outside but it was just the same as the car I once owned. We can make our lives look pretty good too, on the outside. We can act like we are on the top of the world and may even believe it; that is how damaging an ego can be when our outward appearance does not quite match up with reality. The tax collector in the Bible story knew who he was and admitted as much; he was honest with God and honestly wanted to change his life. It is ok to admit when we are wrong, when we are consumed by guilt that eats at our soul like rust on an old car.  Here is the amazing thing about grace; Jesus already knows who you are, what you have done, but still loves you and wants you to be freed from hauling around an ego that does nothing but create more and more problems in your life. You were created to be you, and Jesus loves you, right down to your soul and wants to rid you of the guilt, burdens and sin that challenges your relationship with God and others.  You are loved, and Jesus wants you to know that and is waiting for you to turn back to the one who has redeemed you and has called you by name.


Prayer:  Merciful God, I know that sometimes my ego and pride gets in the way of my relationship with you and others; forgive me so I can more fully live in your love and live a life of grace, mercy, and hope from now on. Amen




Worship Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, worship will be on-line only for the month of January. We want to do what we can as a church to “do no harm,” keep people safe and at the same time stay in relationship with our community and most importantly with God. God is good and will provide. Thank you for your grace; we will journey through this month together,
strengthened and upheld by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We do monitor weekly the Lorain Department of Health for updates. Moving forward, we will continue to livestream our
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God is good all the time!
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