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“Always Near” Luke 10:1-11

“Yet know this; the Kingdom of God has come near.”

Luke 10:11

  You are called to the most important ministry in the world. There are people out there that need to know that God is near even when God seems far away; your job, should you choose to accept it (just a bit of “Mission Impossible” speak) is to go and witness the love that God has offered to you. Now you do not need to have a “license to preach” or be ordained to do the Lord’s calling; you just need to be you, telling the story of faith in a way only you can do. God calls each of us to witness the love of Jesus every time we have the opportunity. You have a story to tell and it is told when you reach out to someone with no agenda other than to share something that seems in short supply. St. Paul writes in his letter to the Galatians, “So let us not grow weary in doing what is right.” Sometimes it takes only a smile, or just a kind word; both of which proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ alive and well in the world. When Jesus sent seventy disciples out to proclaim the Word, he offered them the joy of sharing the grace of God in order to make a difference in the life of another. O, it may not resonate at first and it may sound foreign to some who have never been offered anything in their lives let alone God’s grace. But even those who reject the Word that is offered are given the promise of God’s love and the nearness of God’s Kingdom that has no end. That is part of the “Jesus Thing;” God will never give up on anybody and will never give up on you, period. Your witness of God’s love and joy is the greatest gift you can give, because God’s grace is always near, we just need to keep reminding ourselves and others. Thank you Jesus, for the gift that has no end and is meant to be shared.

 Pastor Tom




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