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Proclaim Luke 8:26-39

“Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.”

Luke 8:39

American Express proclaims in its advertising, “membership has its privileges.” So what about the Body of Christ, the church; what does it offer that can be found nowhere else; what “privileges” come with being a part of something that has been around for millennia, from the beginning of time? Jesus calls us to “consider” the beauty of the lilies and the love from God that created the world that is around us. When God touches our lives, we are called to consider God’s presence, but not just for our benefit but especially for the benefit of others. The blessing of membership in the holy Body of Christ is the privilege to proclaim God’s grace to those who may be challenged in this life, or have a feeling of being alone, lost, or marginalized. Faith is to be used, and God’s presence is intended to be shared; proclaimed. God uses all sorts of people to proclaim the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and they all have one thing in common; they are not perfect. In fact, quite the opposite; the people God chooses to serve and proclaim have challenges to be sure but also lean on the “everlasting arms” of Jesus to equip and empower them. Jesus calls each of us to “Go!” Go let folks know what God is doing in the world. Go let people know that God’s grace is intended especially for those who are “weary and carrying heavy burdens.” Go tell the community beyond the walls of the church that our strength comes from the Lord and that strength is given through those who journey with us as part of the church. Go tell about God who loves “me,” even and especially “me;” the same love that loves you, especially you. People need to know the “privileges” of living a life of faith and proclaiming God’s love to the world. Here are just some of the privileges offered by God; joy, peace, hope, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and the affirmation that you will never be alone and that God will be with you always, “even to the end of the age.” Thank you Jesus for the privilege of being your child and part of your Holy Body, the church, where all are welcome, no exceptions.
Pastor Tom

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