Celebrate Jesus January 16, 2023

Celebrate Jesus!

Pastor Tom Joyce

January 16, 2023


“It is written, ‘One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.’”

Matthew 4:4


There is a saying that seems to always be true, “if something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.” Temptation is like that; it plays upon our wants rather than our needs. The story of Adam and Eve in Genesis chapter 3 shows how easily temptation can turn our lives upside down; the hunger for power outweighs the need for humility thereby drawing us further and further away from the Truth which is Jesus Christ.  Sin is all about acting on the temptation of putting ourselves before everyone else, including God.  So as the temptations of life confront you, consider first how what you are tempted to do or say conforms to the 2 great commandments; to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind soul, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.  In other words, will your actions give glory to God or to yourself and will what you do adversely affect the lives other others along your path?  So what did Jesus do when he was confronted with temptation? He followed the Word of God. Go and do likewise and you will be a blessing as you have been blessed.

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