Thoughts Along the Way April 7, 2021

Thoughts Along the Way

Pastor Tom Joyce

April 7, 2021


“But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have died.”       I Corinthians 15:20


The resurrection of Jesus Christ, celebrated at Easter, is the very essence of our faith, nothing more fundamental, nothing more life-giving than the fact that Jesus rose from the dead vacating the tomb to offer all those who believe new life. John Wesley founder of the Methodist Movement once wrote, “as to all opinions which do not strike at the root of Christianity, we think and let think.” The “root of Christianity” is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Easter event that proved for all eternity God’s indescribable, unmovable, and perfect love. The basis of our faith seems novel and an idle tale to the casual observer; an interesting story but do Christians really believe Jesus rose from the dead on the third day? The short answer is yes, Jesus was resurrected from the dead and by faith it is the one fact that changes everything from how we see God to how we see one another. The fact of Jesus’ resurrection offers hope and affirmation that those who have died are forever with us in spirit and that one day we shall all be rejoined with them.  The fact of Jesus’ resurrection affirms that all people are God’s beloved and all people have been given the gift of the love of Jesus, a love that we are called to share with our neighbor. All people have been given a new opportunity to live life knowing the fact that no matter where the path in this life leads, whether down the dark, dirty path of sin or streets paved with grace, Jesus is guiding, forgiving, and redeeming all who turn to him for a second chance.  The joy of faith is not about living a perfect life, but living in the perfect love of Jesus that offers mercy, grace, and hope fulfilled. 


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