Daily Devotional October 28, 2020

Jesus Along the Way: Words of Grace and Hope.                       Pastor Tom Joyce

October 28, 2020

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”

Matthew 5:9


Many chapters of life ago, I joined the golf league my dad was a part of for many years. He picked me up that first day and upon arriving at the golf course my dad, beaming with pride, introduced me to his friends as, “my son Tom.” I will never know why he was so proud of me being his son but he was; and his affirmation that I was his son filled me with joy as well. When I think of that day so many years ago, I think of the cherished gift Jesus gives us when he calls each of us “Children of God.” Jesus beams with pride for us when we offer a kind word to another. Jesus beams with pride when we offer grace even to those with whom we disagree. Jesus beams with pride when we live out the commandment to “love our neighbor as ourselves” extending the hand of peace to one who we once thought an enemy. Being a child of God is the precious gift of grace bestowed on those who offers the same grace to somebody else. In a world of conflict, misunderstandings and uncertainty the “children of God,” that is you and me by the way, are called to witness a more excellent way to live. You are a child of God, especially you, because you are precious in God’s sight, “honored and loved.” (Isaiah 43:4) You are called by name by the One who died for you and who on the third day rose from the grave to offer you new life. God, through our living Savior Jesus Christ, offers you grace today to be a “peacemaker” to those around you; to make a difference in the world in which you live.  Being called a child of God means to accept the power of the resurrection as your own, taking pride not in being a child of God but pride and adoration of the One who has called us God’s child; that is Jesus the Christ.  You are a blessing to someone today because you have been blessed by the One, who with pride and unfathomable love calls you a “child of God.” Thank you, Jesus!

Rev. Tom Joyce

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