“A New Man!” Luke 19:1-10

Pastor Tom’s Weekly Blog.                           “A New Man!”                       Luke 19:1-10

October 16, 2020

“Zacchaeus stood there and said to the Lord, ‘Look, half of my possessions, Lord, I will give to the poor; and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will pay back four times as much.’”

Luke 19:8


 Zacchaeus was a man who lived for himself; accumulating great wealth and possessions as he stole even from those who stole from others. Life was all about him; everything he did was intended increase his wealth, until he met Jesus. There was something about Jesus that transformed his life.  Zacchaeus’ life was changed forever; he was a new man inside and out.  Jesus was the first person ever to want to spend time with him, let alone offer him grace. He was, as the old Charles Wesley hymn sings, “touched by the lodestone of thy love.” (“Jesus, United by Thy Grace,” #561 UMH) The love of Jesus has a way of changing the perspective of everyone it touches. There is no looking back because there is no going back. God is a God of moving forward, of healing, and of new life. God loves you too much for you not to know the power of grace upon your life. When you are touched by grace, every decision, every word spoken, and every step taken is based on the impact they would have on other people. Consider Jesus, everything he did was for the glory of God, not for himself. There was nothing more important than sharing the incredible love of God to people thirsting for righteousness and peace. When Jesus shared God’s grace with Zacchaeus, he was saved from the isolation caused by a self-centered lifestyle and began to live in the freedom that only Jesus can offer. Jesus offers you a new beginning as well, a life living in abundance of grace. The response to receiving Jesus is loving God with all your, heart, mind, soul, and strength and loving your neighbor as yourself; it is just that simple.  Jesus could not wait to embrace Zacchaeus and offer him something that changed every part of his being, and the mighty arms of Jesus are wide open to you as well, whoever you are and where-ever you find yourself along life’s journey.  Turn back to God, and you will find the peace, grace, hope, and joy that will soothe your soul. Funny thing about receiving Jesus, you will begin to see all people as Jesus sees them, beloved and precious in God’s sight; animosity, judgment, hatred, self-centeredness, and all the stuff that keeps us apart will melt away.  It is all about that grace, that amazing grace of God.  Thank you Jesus!

Rev. Tom Joyce, pastor

Fields United Methodist Church

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