“This is my son, the beloved; listen to him.”

Luke 9:35


The key to every successful relationship is the ability to listen to one another; not just hear the words spoken but really absorb what they are saying.  Jesus led a few of his disciples to a mountaintop and there the authority of Jesus was attested; truly he was the Son of God!  Mountain top experiences do not happen very often but when they do, they should give us pause. We try to speak but the words do not, cannot, explain what has been experienced but we try, we try hard to explain, and keep on explaining until we think someone understands.  When the disciples heard the voice of God proclaiming, “this is my son, the beloved, list to him,” they kept silent. Maybe their heads were spinning with what they had witnessed, or perhaps they needed to “listen” to the words that were spoken and absorb them into their souls before they could be witnessed. Or maybe they just needed more time with Jesus, to fully grasp what this thing called faith is all about.  Faith does not happen in a vacuum or instantaneously; it takes time to sink in and takes reminders along the way to affirm not only who we are but whose we are in this life, and the life to come. As God speaks to us, and God does every day, we need to take the time to listen.  God’s voice does not for most of us come roaring from the clouds but rather in the everyday, usually mundane times of life; times of joy, or times of challenge, God is speaking. Are you listening?  It is one thing to know what Jesus said, but far different to truly understand and absorb the words spoken and witness offered.  Take time with God, take time to listen to the words of grace, mercy, hope, and peace.  God is speaking to you all the time and wants a relationship with you, especially you; listen to him and you will be blessed as you are a blessing to others.  Thank you Jesus.

Rev. Tom Joyce, pastor

Fields United Methodist Church