The Endless Gift John 20:1-18

“Then the disciples returned to their homes.”

John 20:10

  To say that there are distractions in the world is a profound understatement. We are distracted by world events, and all kinds of events that happen on the adventure of life. So when we come across something truly incredible, we take a quick glance maybe even celebrate momentarily then return to our normal everyday lives. Faith can be like that sometimes; we have one of those “wow” moments experiencing the presence of the Holy, then it just kind of wears off. Easter can be a “wow” time of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its joy, then we go back to business as usual. So what would happen if we took the resurrection of Jesus Christ seriously? What if we truly celebrated Easter with every breath and movement of our being? Well, taking the resurrection of Jesus Christ seriously would mean we would take ourselves less seriously; our focus would be more about sharing what God has been shared with us. The “wow” moments of faith would come alive for us as we would experience the love of God through offering grace rather than judgment and comfort rather than condemnation. So often we become focused on everything other than God, failing to experience the joy of our faith, seemingly wallowing in the mud of life. When the gift of the resurrection of Jesus is taken seriously, we hear Jesus calling us by name and feel God’s loving arms surrounding us. Taking the resurrection seriously means to celebrate the joy of new life all the time; good, bad, and everything in between. We would begin to see people as people, not categories. Easter is an endless gift to be celebrated all the time, because God is good, all the time! Thank you Jesus, our resurrected Savior!
Pastor Tom