Listen to Him! Luke 9:28-36

“This is my Son, the Chosen; listen to Him.”

Luke 9:35


Jesus is probably one of the most recognized names in all the world; his name is used both to glorify God and unfortunately at times to condemn and malign others. The most dangerous opinion someone can have is an uninformed one; thinking we may know something or somebody while only listening to what we would like to hear. When Jesus took the disciples to the mountaintop, they knew him as a great guy who said and did a whole lot of things but really did not understand who he was, until God revealed to them the reality of the one they called “Lord.” Jesus witnessed grace, mercy, peace, joy, and hope all mixed into one. Sounds a bit complex and maybe to our human ears it is, but God has made life easy. The words that were spoken on that mountaintop proclaimed who Jesus was with the further command to listen. In a complex world that seems to be becoming more complicated by the day, Jesus streamlines what it is to be Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ; love God with our whole, mind, soul, and strength as well as loving our neighbor, not to mention the prohibition on judgment. The debates about our faith never seem to include these 2 commandments deemed the greatest by Jesus. We are good at debating who is worthy to serve, worthy to be part of the church and the nature of sin. Yet in the midst of our human conversations, God’s Word stops us in our tracks and proclaims, “This is my Son, the Chosen; listen to Him.” To listen means to stop, pause, and consider the Word made flesh without prejudice. When we think we have the answer, listen to Jesus, especially when we are attempting to judge other people and categorize them based on our human opinions. It is not so much “what would Jesus do,” but “what did Jesus say?” What did Jesus say about judging others? What did Jesus say about loving our neighbor? What did Jesus say about those others condemned? Just got to thinking, what if we lived what we heard from Jesus of the Gospels? God is good, all the time.

 Pastor Tom