In Abundance John 6:1-14

“Six months’ wages would not buy enough bread for them to get a little.”

John 6:7


There are times in everyone’s life when life seems overwhelming. No matter what we may have, it will never be enough. How can we make ends meet? Will the sun ever shine again? It is hard at times to see God in the midst of our lives when life is not going as planned. Yet the love God has for each of us goes beyond our shortcomings, beyond our uncertainties, beyond our feeling that all is lost, and beyond even this life. Jesus came into a world of imperfection, and to lives that often times are uncertain and scary. Sometimes we may even ask “why” or “how,” with each of our questions initially going unanswered. Yet God has a way of making a highway out of no way, hope when all seems hopeless. In the midst of our questions and doubts, God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, stands alongside of us and often times carries us through the storms of life. When Jesus fed the multitudes with just a few loaves and fish, all were fed with more available. Give Jesus space to work in your life, no matter how impossible the circumstance seems to be and no matter how much you doubt anything can be done. Jesus gives in abundance even and especially when all seems lost. Thank you Jesus, for your eternal presence in our lives; open our eyes so we may see blessings we have received even when we think there are no more available.

 Pastor Tom