Beyond the Miraculous John 4:46-54

“The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and started on his way.”

John 4:50

  We are a people who demand proof; words are meaningless without results. Jesus performed many miracles, including miraculous healings, yet the story does not end with the miracle, rather the miracle only sheds light on the path beyond it. Miracles abound to be sure; they are seen, celebrated and often times relegated to the storehouse of memories. The proof of what Jesus can do is in the miracle itself, whether a healing or feeding the multitudes with a few loaves of bread and some dried fish. But life does not stop at the point of the miraculous, it only begins. When we begin to fully appreciate the presence of God in the miracles around us, then we begin to feel our relationship strengthen with God. Some demand signs and proof, but what is truly needed is Jesus. Soaking up miracles is a great thing, there is no doubt. Some call those times mountaintop experiences; they do not happen often, but when they do, God is revealed in amazing ways. How often do we stop once the proof of God’s presence is revealed? How often do we move on from the time of witnessing the miraculous to doing what we have always done? If we see the miracles around us as signs pointing to the continuing presence of God in our lives, then we will more understand the gift that has been received. Miracles are a lot like grace, we do not deserve them but they keep coming our way. Look beyond what Jesus is doing in your life to see who Jesus truly is and experience, in the words of Cory Asbury, the “overwhelming, never-ending reckless love of God.” God is good, all the time.

 Pastor Tom