Infinite Value Mark 12:38-44

“For all of them contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.”

Mark 12:44


In our consumer-driven culture, we seek to place a value on all that we buy; often times proclaiming the deal we made before we even describe what was purchased. So what is the value of our faith? What is the value of being part of the church? For the person who put in all she had to continue the ministry of Jesus the value was far more than she could ever pay. She did not give out of her abundance, but from her heart and soul to something that had infinite value not only to her but to all it reached. So what is the value of being part of a church? A veteran of World War II carried these words by William Henry Boddy into battle and every day of his life: “Before I was born, My Church gave to my parents ideals of life and love that made my home a place of strength and beauty. In helpless infancy, My Church joined my parents in consecrating me to Christ and in baptizing me in His Name. My Church enriched my childhood with romance and religion and the lessons of life that have been woven into the texture of my soul. Sometimes I seem to have forgotten and then when else I might surrender to foolish and futile ideals of life, the truths My Church taught me become radiant, insistent and inescapable. In the stress and storm of adolescence, My Church heard the surge of my soul, and she guided my footsteps by lifting my eyes to the stars. When first my heart knew the strange awakening of love, My Church taught me to chasten and spiritualize my affections. She sanctified my marriage and blessed my home. When my heart was seamed with sorrow and I thought the sun could never shine again, My Church drew me to the friend of all the weary and whispered to me the hope of another morning, eternal and tearless. When my steps have slipped and I have known the bitterness of sin, My Church believed in me and wooingly she has called me back to live within the heights of myself. Now have come the children dearer to me than life itself and My Church is helping me train them for all joyous and clean Christly living. My Church calls me to her heart she asks for my service and loyalty. She has a right to ask it. I will help her do for others what she has done for me. In this place in which I live, I will help her keep the flame and aloft the torch of a living faith. Amen” Thank you Jesus for the incredible privilege to serve and the amazing grace to share.

Pastor Tom